Urine Drug Testing

There are many things that an administrator needs to be aware of before going ahead with a urine drug testing. The person giving the test needs to have some knowledge of purpose for which the urine drug testing is being done, the person who is taking the test and any important medical concerns associated with that individual. For drugs to show up in urine the substance needs to be absorbed, circulated in the blood and deposited in the bladder. This process can take a minimum of three hours. But remember that chronic drug users will be detected through urine drug testing.

Make sure that you do away with all possible opportunities for a person appearing for the urine drug testing to cheat. Every test has a certain degree of failure associated with it and hence you should do your best to ensure that urine drug testing is conducted to the best of your ability as per the stated guidelines. Should you happen to have any doubts about the outcome of the test or suspect that there has been some sort of manipulation that has taken place, report it to a supervisor and also to the organization which requested the urine drug testing.

Amphetamine can be detected for a period of two to three days; cannabis for up to two to seven days but even a month in the case of regular workers; cocaine can be detected for any time from 12 hours to three days; ecstasy for two to four days; heroin for a day or two; LSD for two to three days and methadone for two days. Urine drug testing is the most common types of drug testing and is used by employers, schools and also for sportspersons and athletes. Criminal investigations might also be categorized under this segment at times.

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