Drug Screening 2

Drug screening does not spare any of the occupations today. Even nurses and doctors are not exempt from this. As with any other issue, drug screening also has its pros and its cons. Let us first take a look at the pros of the matter. Drug screening no doubt helps identify chronic drug users. This is particularly helpful when such people are seeking employment in occupations which might involve taking responsibility for the health and safety of others. Public transportation, drivers, doctors, nurses, lab technicians, law officers are all examples of such professionals. By conducting drug screening the threat is reduced by a vast proportion if not totally.

Drug screening helps ensure that the workforce and the workplace are drug free. It has often been noted that employees with a drug problem have low productivity and often end up involving fellow workers in this while seeking to live a luxurious lifestyle. Schools are also places which need to be drug free. Youngsters are the future and it is essential to keep the future safe and secure. Random drug screenings help ensure transparency and prevent cheating. This also dissuades drug users from using since they do not know when the drug screening will be done. It increases their risk so they tend to think twice before using drugs.

Results of a drug screening are required to be kept confidential and are meant to be revealed only to those specified by the law. Breaking of confidentiality in this matter can lead to serious consequences and punishment under law. Also, those in possession of the results of the drug screening test cannot use it to discredit or defame or discriminate in any way against anyone. Make sure that the concerned individual has completed all the legal formalities required before the drug screening test takes place.

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