Membership in the Hemp Food Association is by invitation only, although prospective members may apply for an invitation.

Memberships will be extended to those involved in producing, marketing, developing, or researching hempseed food or hempseed oil for human consumption.

Members must be online, for ease of communication.

Members will agree to adhere to the HFA Pledge of Quality and are thereby entitled to display the Hemp Food Association Gold Shield on the labels of their products.

Objectives: To educate the public, media, industry, and government about hempseed foods, to encourage commercial production of hempseed foods, to protect hempseed foods and companies from unfair attacks and publicity, to assure the quality of hempseed foods, and to improve the state of the art of hempseed foods and their production.

Dues: Membership in the HFA is free for now. HempNut, Inc. has generously agreed to provide seed funding for at least the first year’s operations, in order to see whether the association fills a need. The HFA is an informal not-for-profit mutual-benefit association, with no income, employees, by-laws, board of directors, or officers. By not having a formal structure, more energy and resources can be directed into the work of the HFA and less into the bureaucracy of running an association.

Benefits: This Web site has been established for the association, and in time will feature links to member companies’ websites and a listing of products offered. To improve industry networking and communication, an e-mail list will be started for members only. Publicity will be generated for hempseed foods and the members of HFA. An on-line newsletter will be published at regular intervals. Members will have access to all information available from the HFA regarding hempseed, hempseed foods, and hempseed foods processing. Members will be encouraged to assist each other in resolving business or production problems they might have, to give confidential advice regarding product or process development, and to form strategic alliances where appropriate.

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