Prescription Drug Assistance

Many pharmaceutical companies are now offering medication that will be used for prescription drug assistance. Although all patients are likely to complain about the high costs of medication, these specific programs are reserved for those that cannot afford their medication at all. Many elderly people find themselves needing many different medications each month. Many of these people are on a fixed income and must go without their medications due to the high costs. With prescription drug assistance, elderly patients can get their medications for free or for reduced prices.

Others that may qualify for prescription drug assistance include those that fall near the poverty level or those without health insurance. Patients who are under the age of 18 are also likely to qualify for prescription drug assistance programs, especially if they don’t have prescription coverage. To get information on a prescription drug assistance program, candidates need to visit their doctor or a local health department. There are specialists that can help with the process. If you describe your need, the experts there will be able to point you in the best direction.

Many doctors will also have a prescription drug assistance program of their own. They may be willing to give samples of medications to worthy patients after the patients prove their lack of substantial income. If you or a family member is on a bundle of medications and cannot afford to purchase them from the pharmacy, you should check into any available programs. When a doctor prescribes a necessary medication, you should be taking it. If you cannot afford the medication, you should find a way to obtain the medication. Talking to local social workers may help as well, but the place to begin is at a doctor’s office. There are options available, so be sure to explore your options fully.

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