Hemp Lip Balm

Hemp seed oil is rich in emollients and is especially beneficial as a lip balm. Hemp lip balm is packed with omega fatty acids and linolic acid, these nutrients are key to cellular health and are key ingredients in the makeup of the cells outer layer. Hemp is often blended with Shea butter and other natural ingredients to make high quality lib balm. Lip balm made with hemp is good for chaffing and splitting often associated with wind and sun exposure.

The healing and regenerative properties in hemp are good for mature skin that has experienced over exposure to the elements. The hemp lip balm helps to maintain moisture and doesn’t feel heavy in the process. Hemp lip balm comes in many varieties that will suit every taste and occasion. Some hemp lip balms are enriched with herbs such as eucalyptus, which is good for a cold or venturing out in chilly weather. Another ingredient that compliments the protection and healing properties of hemp is lavender. Lavender balms are often used for sunburn and relieve from windburn. Lavender also appears to induce a feeling of relaxation.

 Hemp lip balm can also contain SPF protection and others are tinted to give just a hint of color. Hemp lip balm also comes in a variety of other effects such as flavored and scented.

Hemp is generally blended with beeswax, and other natural oils to formulate lip balm. This results in a product that is especially rich and moisturizing. Oils often used with hemp oil for this purpose includes jojoba, vitamin E, and other essential oils.
Over the course of a lifespan using hemp lip balm may protect the lips from the ravages of time and age keeping lips luscious, moist and healthy.Hemp seed oil makes a wonderful lip balm that is gentle, soothing and therapeutic.

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