Marijuana Tea

ea is a popular drink, and it can soothe the soul, help you sleep, and some kinds of tea are even good for a healthy heart.  The popularity of tea has really risen over the last decade or so, with a lot of people choosing to drink it over things like soda, juice, or coffee.

Many people may not realize that there is such a thing called marijuana tea.  It is made from, you guessed it, marijuana!  It is made fairly easily, simply by infusing marijuana into hot water.  Since marijuana is fat soluble, marijuana tea does not offer up the “high” that simply smoking or cooking it in butter or oil would.  Instead, the effects are a lot milder, and can often produce a calming effect much like chamomile tea does.  Many people claim that by drinking marijuana tea often, it helps to ease eye troubles and can actually help those who have difficulty seeing. 

By adding some milk to the marijuana tea, you may get more of the adverse affects from the cannabis sativa plant.  Because milk has fat in it, the THC will become absorbed into it, even if you decide to use low fat milk.  If you want the effects to be a little bit milder, it’s suggested that you add the milk to the tea after you infuse your hot water with the marijuana.  Some people do not care for the tastes of marijuana tea, claiming it leaves a rather unpleasant after taste.  Still others say that it slightly burns the throat when drinking it.  It is suggested that you add some sugar or artificial sweetener to your marijuana tea to help make it taste more appealing before you drink it.  No matter how you look at it, marijuana tea is a new way to drink a popular drink that can give you a brand new feeling when drinking it.

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