How to Make Hemp Necklaces

If you are looking for a way to make great gifts for your friends you may want to learn how to make hemp necklaces. Necklaces made of hemp make great gifts for your family and your friends and they are relatively easy and cheap to make as well. First of all when you are learning how to make hemp necklaces you will need to purchase hemp twine. Once you have the twine that you need, you are ready to begin learning how to make hemp necklaces.

You will want to make sure that you make the necklace large enough to go around the neck of almost anyone, so you will want to measure around your neck. Take the measurement of your neck and multiply this number by twelve, then you will want to cut two pieces of hemp twine the length of your calculation. After you have cut the appropriate lengths of twine you then will want to make an overhand knot with the two strands of hemp twine.

Next in the process of learning how to make hemp necklaces is to use the four strands, which are available. You will make a series of knots using these four strands of hemp twine and keep making the knots over and over again, retying them if you mess up along the way. You can continue making these hemp necklace knots until you feel the necklace has reached the desired length. Once you are finished, be sure that you tie a knot at the end to keep the entire necklace from unraveling. With the two knots that are left on each end, you can fasten the necklace around the neck for comfortable wearing. If you want you can add beads and decorations into your knots along the way.

Once you learn how to make hemp necklaces you will enjoy making these beautiful necklaces as gifts for those you love. You may even want to make a few for yourself as your own personal reward for learning how to make hemp necklaces.

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