Drug Testing

There are different aspects to drug testing and you need to be well-versed in all these before you evaluate the results of a drug test. The accuracy of a drug test can be determined through some factors such as the technology used in the test, the type of drugs, the efficiency of the agency doing the drug testing and the method in which the samples are collected. It is essential to ensure that the samples are not contaminated in any manner. Most agencies and organizations have their own criteria for drug testing and for evaluation of these results.

Those who administer drug tests are first provided adequate training. The qualifications and training required for a test administrator depends upon the nature and complexity of the tests. Some characteristics required for a person involved in drug testing include organizational skills, powers of observation, good communication skills and ability to handle people well. Test manuals are available which set out the guidelines for drug testing. The administrator should be well-versed in the testing procedures outlined in the manuals. The manuals also contain specific time limits for each test as well as requirements for special equipment and facilities if any.

It is essential to ensure uniform administration of the tests. Different individuals have different problems so make sure all the test-takers are comfortable and aware of what they will be doing well in advance. The manual also indicates the extent of help you can offer during drug testing. Keep in mind not to exert any kind of influence on the test-taker for, this amounts to contamination of the sample. Some people are very anxious when taking a test and it is up to you to alleviate this anxiety as much as possible. Explain in simple language in an informal manner what the test is about and what the procedure is all about. Also make sure to start on time; waiting only increases anxiety.

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