Drug Screening

Drug screening is today an essential part of our society. The alarming figures about drug abuse over a cross-section of individuals have necessitated drug screening procedures everywhere. If you are an employer you will most certainly wish to make sure that none of your employees are in the habit of using drugs. Statistics reveal that a majority of workers with the drug habit also resort to peddling drugs in the workplace as their source of income to sustain their lifestyle. This can prove to be a very expensive drain on resources for the employer.

Hence, to avoid such issues most employers have drug screening programs in place which are conducted before employment. The drug screening is done in accordance with local and federal laws. Organizations also conduct random testing at the workplace on a regular basis. This is a good way of ensuring that the workplace stays drug free. Urine testing, saliva testing and hair testing are the most commonly used forms of workplace drug screening. Drug screening tests can identify alcohol and prescription drugs besides illegal drugs. If done in adherence to the guidelines the results are always accurate. A positive result can prevent the candidate from securing employment at that particular organization.

Some schools also have drug screening programs in place. The number of such institutions is rising with each passing day. Students are tested for illegal or prohibited substances. Most of the schools that have drug screening test only the student-athletes. A significantly lower number of these schools test all their students. The screening is not mandatory in all the schools and in most it is done randomly. Results of drug screening tests are usually kept confidential. Only those who need to be apprised of it are given access to the results. The drug screening may take place in a properly equipped laboratory or with kits designed for the purpose.

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