Hemp Wedding Dresses

With many new brides deciding that they want to make their wedding day environmentally friendly, they are even turning to clothing that is eco-friendly as well. Instead of the traditional rice, many are using doves or butterflies to release and some are even serving vegetarian meals now as well. One new trend that is becoming more popular by the day is the wearing of a hemp wedding dress instead of the traditional silks and satins that many have used for many years. There are a variety of great ways to make your wedding an eco-friendly wedding, from the hemp wedding dress, to the food that you serve.

Many couples are also turning away from Styrofoam plates and cups and instead opt to use regular dishes that are more eco-friendly. This adds a more beautiful feel to the wedding as well, with china that looks elegant, and a bride that is radiant in a hemp wedding dress. Other options that many brides are choosing is meals that are totally vegetarian, offering no meat at all, or only offering fish in some cases.

Many brides are also choosing to recycle things from their wedding, such as the food that is left over at the reception. Brides can donate this food to homeless shelters so it does not all go to waste. A variety of women are also using flower petals to toss instead of rice since it is also more friendly to the environment.

While some brides may choose to wear their mother’s wedding dress, as a way of recycling, many are now choosing to go with a material that is environmentally safe such as hemp. Some brides are deciding to wear a hemp wedding dress instead of a more traditional style dress. These dresses are beautiful and they are also very comfortable and cool, which is excellent for summer weddings. If you are looking for a way to have a “green” wedding, then consider wearing a hemp wedding dress on your special day.

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