Marijuana Alternatives

Over many years, marijuana has been considered an illegal drug, especially in the United States.  Those who really enjoy using the drug often worry about getting arrested or fined with possession of the drug.  Some companies have developed marijuana alternatives that they claim can provide the same kind of high, but they are completely legal and safe.

Typically, marijuana alternatives combine a vast blend of different natural herbs.  The herbs are considered legal and most manufacturers and growers claim that in the right combination, when smoked they can provide a high very similar to that of real, authentic marijuana.  A few examples of herbs used by companies who sell the alternative smoke are peppermint, kava kava, sage, spearmint, and many more.  All of these are legal and if someone were caught smoking them, they would not be charged with anything since they are just natural herbs.

You can purchase marijuana alternatives online, and many companies will even sell sampler packages so you can try out each formula until you find the one that you enjoy smoking the most.  Typically they are sold in bags, and should be fresh.  The prices usually range anywhere from $15 to $45 per bag, depending upon the blend.  There is a debate, however among hardcore marijuana fans who claim that these legal alternatives are worthless and do absolutely nothing, and that they are not like the real thing at all.  In fact many people have stated that when they smoked these herbal items, they experienced headaches and nausea.  Another argument is that the companies who create these marijuana alternatives are aiming at young people, who will eventually turn to the real thing.  But for those who want to experience a good feeling without the fear of the law, herbal marijuana alternatives may be just the thing they need.

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