HempNut Product Information

 HempNut Product Information

HempNut is the most important new development to happen to hempseed ever! Most people agree that the outer shell is not very tasty, plus it’s dirty and has trace amounts of THC on it, just enough to flunk a drug test. So we took regular whole hempseed and removed the shell…and the result is HempNut!

It tastes like sunflower seed, looks like sesame seed, and can be used in literally any recipe, it’s that versatile. Plus it contains about 40% more nutrition than whole hempseed. In fact, it might be the most nutritious plant food available, with 36% Essential Fatty Acids (Omega-3 and -6, the “good” fat), and 31% high-quality protein (second only to soybean), and very high in vitamins!

We use machines and a special patent-pending process to gently remove the shell, resulting in the first hempseed clean enough for humans. And we don’t have to cook it to sterilize, unlike whole hempseed, because shelling naturally renders the seed unable to grow (in accordance with US and Canada law).supra shoes salemens prada shoespaul smith uksunglasses 2011prada shoesnfl jersey salered sole shoesair force 1handbags for saleextreme bikinis

Ingredients: shelled hempseed in nitrogen-flushed paper composite can, hermetically sealed. Legal labels for USA, Canada, and European Community.

Shelf Life: At least 6 months. Refrigerate or freeze once opened.

Case Facts: 6×12 oz. case: 5 pounds gross wt., 0.28 cubic ft., 12½x8½x4½ inches, 15/layer, 16 layers high, 240/pallet. 12 oz. package is 4×4 round inches for set schematics
4×5 pound case: 22 pounds gross wt., 4.0 cubic ft., 19x19x19 inches, 4/layer, 4 layers high, 16/pallet.

Benefits and Features:

HempNut is the first and the original shelled hempseed brand, and is the result of years of development by the founder/inventor. Beware of unproven imitators.

Backed by 20 years of full-time food industry expertise, and 5 years in hemp foods

Massive national advertising and publicity efforts (25 million people saw our ads in 1999)

Full merchandising and marketing assistance available, and special help for food processors

Profits from the sale of HempNut helps fund industrial hemp organizations worldwide

HempNut is “the Soybean of the New Millennium”

Perhaps the most nutritious plant food in the world

Raw, vegan, and soon Organically-grown

Drug test compatible

Specifications subject to change without notice. Copyright 2000 HempNut, Inc.

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