Drug Test

A drug test is defined as “a process using some kind of biological matter taken from an individual to determine previous drug use”. Drug tests are the subject of great discussion with people arguing for and against these. There are different types of tests for detecting different things. Drug tests can be broadly categorized into two. The first type involves the provision of a sample of some bodily fluid or hair. This includes are urine, blood, saliva and sweat. A urine test is the most common of such drug tests as it is the least expensive of the lot. It is also less intrusive than a blood test.

The type of drug test depends on the reason it is required. It might be a federal requirement or it might be an employment requirement or it might be for health purposes. The kind of drug test also depends upon the testing agency and the expenses involved in this. Guidelines are available for all these drug tests and it is important that both the administrator and the test-taker need to be aware of. Each drug test has its own set of control and evaluation criteria and it is essential to adhere to these very closely. There are specific procedures for obtaining the sample and these depend upon the type of test being conducted.

Samples are usually kept in tamper proof containers. Employers and federal authorities often require tests of this kind to be satisfactorily completed. The second type of drug test is the type that can be done at home and not in a laboratory. The disadvantage of these tests is that they are more prone to error and contamination. These types of tests are more likely to be used by parents or maybe small business owners who do not wish to or cannot afford to spend much on drug testing.

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