Opiate Detoxification

Opiates are a class of drugs which are extremely addictive and dangerous. Those who take opiates usually become hooked on the drugs within a short time and it is difficult for them to stop taking the substances alone, even with a very strong desire to quit. People are often so desperate to get more of the drug that they become involved in theft or prostitution in order to earn money to feed their cravings. Very few people who are addicted to opiates can lead normal lives, and opiate detoxification programs are needed for those who are dependant, since it is very hard to go off of the drugs on one’s own.

Since opiate addiction involves both physical and psychological components, the best opiate detoxification program combines both medical treatment and counseling. Most programs tend to emphasize one or the other, but it is best to combine both. Since dramatic physical opiate detoxification programs.

Some people are given buprenorphine or suboxone to help wean them off of opiates. These medications are often used in opiate detoxification program to ease otherwise unbearable symptoms. These drugs mimic the effects of opiates and are given for a short or a long period of time until the patient can gradually stop taking them. Although there is some concern that the patient may become dependant on these substances, they are less addictive than opiates, and the odds of dependency are much higher among those who are not addicted to opiates in the first place. This is a gentler alternative to the “cold turkey” approach but some feel it can delay the process.

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