Drug Addiction

When I picture a drug addict, I see someone with trashy clothes, unkempt hair and missing teeth. Yet, drug addicts come in all shapes and sizes. Not all drug addictions cause the same effects and not all drug addicts are alike. Steroid users, pot smokers, and cocaine addicts may look very different. However, you can’t rely on just looks because even looks can be misleading.

If you suspect someone has a drug addiction it is probably best to ask them. Whether they tell you the truth or not depends largely on how you ask them. Try not to be judgmental. They are going to have a hard enough time admitting that they are using drugs without you telling them things they already know. Take it one step at a time.

Now, there are many different types of drugs. Many of these drugs produce different effects and are associated with different signs. While smoking pot may increase appetite, cocaine use can create a frail body. Steroids will make a body more muscular, but at the same time this drug addiction can reduce breast size and create other effects on body appearance as well.

The eyes are the windows to the soul and the can also show signs of drug addiction. All drugs can create a kind of tired appearance. They eyes may start developing dark circles around them and with some drugs may become kind of sunken in looking. The whites of the eyes may be red or dingy. It almost looks as if the just don’t sparkle anymore or like the life is just drained out of them.

With drug addictions involving meth, speed, cocaine, and crystal, the user may develop problems with their teeth. If they take these drugs through their nostrils they could have frequent nose bleeds as well.

However, the best test is behavior. Generally look for changes in attitude, the inability to keep a job, frequently borrowing money, a completely new set of friends, and other dramatic changes.

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