Drug Detox

Drug detox or detoxification is the removal of the drug from an addicts system. This removal is supposed to ease the process of healing including withdrawals. It is a drug treatment, that focuses on removing the chemicals from your body that were left by the drug.

In this way drug detox attempts to put your body as close to the way it was before you started doing the drug in the first place. Many drug addicts are attracted to this idea because it is like starting with a clean slate.

Those individuals addicted to heroine get the most benefit from drug detox. This is because heroine creates such a difference in the chemical and physical properties of the body. This can create very severe withdrawals in addicts who attempt to lessen or stop the amount of drugs they are taking.

However, drug detox may cure the body but it wasn’t the body that decided to take the drug in the first place. It was the mind. Certain behavioral tendencies or psychological problems must also be dealt with. Why did the individual take the drug? Was it a need to fit in, or a need to hide some kind of pain?

You see, drug detox may restore you body, or at least mostly restore your body, but it doesn’t feel that void. Without determining the need that the addiction met and filling that need with something else, you may end up right back where you started from. With your body restored you may decide that reality is too much to handle, or you may go back to the drug because your friends are still addicts. These are behaviors not physical cravings.

The best idea is to use a drug detox in combination with a drug treatment. This way ensures that you are dealing with both the reasons and the symptoms of your drug addiction. In essence, drug detox is like taking Tylenol for a fever. You have made the headache disappear, but not the illness that causes it. In this case your headache will come back as long as you are still ill.

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