Opiate Detox Facility

For those who are addicted to opiates, the road to recovery may be overwhelming, especially since the withdrawal symptoms tend to be so extreme and can involve physical illness as well as psychological confusion. Very few can break the habit outside of an opiate detox facility and it is essential that one find an opiate detox facility which will provide emotional support and medical attention for proper opiate treatment.

Since withdrawal symptoms from opiates can be dangerous, a typical opiate detox facility will involve medical care in case one falls seriously ill as the result of stopping the drug suddenly. Patients are monitored frequently and given 24 hour care for the length of their stay. In addition to medical care, patients are usually given counseling or join support groups in the opiate detox facility. They are encouraged to continue counseling for a period of time after they leave the facility to prevent going back on opiates. Behavioral modification classes are also taught at a typical opiate detox facility which will empower the former user to make positive lifestyle changes that do not include dangerous drugs.

An opiate detox facility may provide medication which acts as a gateway between drug abuse and recovery. There are drugs that are given to ease the effects of withdrawal symptoms by mimicking the opiates and to fool the body into thinking that it is receiving the drug. Since these drugs may also be addictive, but to a lesser extent than opiate addiction, it is best to receive this treatment in a controlled environment such as an opiate detox facility. The amount of these medications depends on the severity of opiate addiction and the medical history of the patient. Doctors working at the opiate detox facility will interview the patient to determine the appropriate dosage.An opiate detox facility may be covered by an insurance policy depending on the type of policy or the facility. Even if only a portion of the cost is covered by insurance, a typical opiate detox facility may provide a reasonable payment plan that can be worked out gradually over a long period of time.

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