Prescription Drug Detox

One of the most common forms of drug abuse is not often detected by family and friends of the user, because the person is taking drugs which were prescribed to him or her by a doctor. Prescription drug detox can be a bit more complicated than treatment for illegal drugs because it might be more difficult for a user to admit that he or she has a problem. After all, the user is taking the drugs for a legitimate purpose and use of the drug is not accompanied by the kind of shame and secrecy that is felt when abusing illegal drugs. The first step toward prescription drug detox is that the person recognized that he or she has a problem.

A person might not even realize that he or she needs a prescription drug detox program. One may only realize that he or she is addicted to a prescribed drug through a terrible withdrawal effect after a missed dose, a feeling of anxiety about the prescription running out or an overwhelming desire to take too much of the medication. Those who are addicted to prescription drugs may avoid prescription drug detox programs because they may feel that they literally can not live without the drug. They may deceive themselves with this belief much easier than those who are hooked on street drugs, since a doctor felt that they should be using this drug.The second challenge facing those entering prescription drug detox programs is staying off of the drug. The doctor will have to find a replacement prescription that is less addictive or an alternative remedy to prevent future counseling and support groups which will give the user the confidence to break the habit.

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