Drug Treatment

Everyone has heard of AA or Alcoholics Anonymous, but not everyone knows about NA or Narcotics Anonymous. Yet, the program has become widely available as a drug treatment option. Modeled after AA, Narcotics Anonymous applies the same twelve step philosophy used to help people with drug addictions.

This small drug rehab program started out in Los Angeles, California during the 1950’s, but soon grew to be a world wide organization. The organization experienced a huge growth spurt after the release of its first book titled after itself.

Soon after the release of the book, Narcotics Anonymous groups started springing up overseas. Today the drug treatment program is scattered throughout the world. NA literature can be read in 27 different languages with 16 more languages on the way.

The beauty of Narcotics Anonymous is that it is a drug treatment that does not discriminate. It recognizes that all addictions are dangerous no matter what the substance is. It is also totally unrelated to religion, race, and other divisions of class.

Narcotics Anonymous is so successful because it provides addicts with a network of support. In fact, the network is made up of people who have been there and done that. It is made up of people who have walked in your shoes. That is a valuable addition to any drug treatment program.

In addition, to great support the drug treatment also gives you a path to follow. They divide this huge task of sobriety into small steps. This is great for addicts who find the process a bit overwhelming. Although this doesn’t make it easy, it does make a little easier.

Although the NA does not force religion on individuals it does incorporate spirituality. This is not the same as a religion based drug treatment. The organization realizes that everyone has different beliefs, but their goal is to help you lean on those beliefs whatever they may be.

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