Prescription Drug Card

Every time you change jobs or insurance plans you will likely get a new prescription drug card in the mail shortly after signing up for coverage. Although to some it seems unlikely, there are hundreds of people who don’t take advantage of their pharmacy benefits each year because they have misplaced their prescription drug card. If this sounds a little like you, then use these tips to help you always know where your benefit card is. It is a shame to waste benefits just because you have lost your card.

If you have indeed lost your prescription drug card, there are a few things you should do immediately. First, you should contact the company that handles your prescription coverage. They will be able to ship you a new card, usually within three to five days. If you need to use your coverage before the new card arrives, you can also ask them the procedure for doing so. They can likely give you the information your pharmacy will need. They key to replacing a prescription drug card is to get it replaced immediately after you realize it is missing. If you put the task off, you will likely never get around to it. Therefore, you should make the call as soon as you can.

After receiving your new card, be sure that you put it in an appropriate place immediately. This may mean that as soon as you open the mail containing the card, you will drop everything else and immediately put it in your wallet. Your wallet is the best place to keep your prescription drug card. It is something that you will likely always have with you, so you can be sure to have the card whenever you need it. You can also choose to keep the card in the glove box of your car. This can be frustrating however when you are standing in line at the pharmacy and must run back out to your car to get your card. No matter what, be sure to always utilize your benefits, even if you have misplaced your benefit card!

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