Drug Identification

Individuals who have never used illegal drugs may have no idea what illegal drugs look like. In fact, for some individuals drug identification can be very difficult. Though many of these individuals will never come upon a situation in which they would need to identify illegal drugs some individuals do. For example, parents with addicted children and supervisors with addicted employees must know have at least basic drug identification skills.

Many organizations devoted to drug prevention or treatment programs will display images of what the drugs look like in their literature either online or in print. However, many drugs come in different forms. Each form may have a distinct look and many drugs can look similar to items that are not illegal at all making drug identification difficult.

For instance, drug identification of marijuana can seem simple, but marijuana looks very similar to rolling tobacco. Though most individuals will carry rolling tobacco in its commercial packaging rather than a plastic baggy common with marijuana users, you can mistake a joint for a roller cigarette. In these cases it is best to use your other senses such as smell. The smell of marijuana can vary but stronger types may smell similar to a skunk.

Drug identification of many drugs can be easier if you look for paraphernalia. Knowing what type of tools usually go along with different drugs will help a lot with drug identification. For instance, many drugs are carried along with tools that are used to administer the drug, transport the drug, and hide the drug.

These tools are determined by how the drug is administered, such as by smoking, inhaling, or injecting. They transportation devices may include baggies, paper, and glass containers. There are some tools and paraphernalia that are common among users and this information may be available from drug prevention and treatment centers.

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