Drug Interactions

Drugs are made of chemicals either natural or synthetic. The chemicals in drugs react with the chemicals in our bodies producing an affect either positive or negative . Just as chemicals in drugs interact with chemicals in our body to produce a reaction, the chemicals in drugs can also have a reaction when introduced to other drugs. Drug interactions can be very harmful and even deadly, but there are some ways to avoid dangerous drug interactions.

Just as drug interactions with our body can be beneficial, some drugs can increase the effectiveness of another drug. For instance, vitamin C can aid iron absorption. Yet, some chemicals can have a harmful affect on each other. This was the case with Fen-Phen the once popular combination of medication used by dieters.

In fact, drugs are not the only chemical substances we put into our bodies. Food also contains chemicals that can interact with medication. This is the case with Xanax whose effects are increased by the consumption of grapefruit juice. This drug interaction can result in an extreme sedative affect.

Yet, these drug interactions can be prevented. In fact, just consulting your doctor before taking any medications prescribed by other medical professionals you dramatically cut the risk of drug having a serious drug interaction. Yet, not everyone has a regular doctor to keep track of their medications.

For those individuals who do not have either a regular doctor or a regular pharmacist, there are still ways to prevent drug interactions. One way is to disclose all medications you are taking to medical professionals at the ER, medical clinic, or other medical institution. Another way is too simple read the warnings on your medicine very carefully. If you loose the documentation you can look it up on the internet. Visiting the manufacturer’s web site or visiting a site with a searchable database of drug interactions can give you the right information.

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