Industrial Hemp

As most people know, hemp is used to make things like clothing, textiles, nutritional supplements, and health products.  But many people don’t know that industrial hemp is a very important part of our nation’s landscape.  A little known fact is that hemp can be used in over 25,000 different products including everything as simple as cellophane to as complex as dynamite!

The growth of industrial hemp in American markets is constantly fluctuating because of the ongoing debate about its cultivation, but those who support its use know that hemp has a lot to offer.  The growth of hemp goes back to about 10,000 years ago.  Many believe that hemp was actually the very first crop to be grown and harvested by man.  The last few decades have brought serious debate within the United States about its growth, even for industrial purposes.  Fortunately there have been some great strides recently with individual states getting licenses for farmers to grow it.Larger farms grow industrial hemp to help supply the world with all kinds of things such as rope, textiles, and oil.  It’s been researched that hemp can actually power up a car and has many similar properties of gasoline.  Just think what a different world we would live in if we drove hemp powered cars!  It would be a great improvement to our air and water, as well as pollution in other areas.  The advocates of industrial hemp use are firm believers in funding more research to find out just how many uses this wonderful plant has.  There are many organizations supporting the use of industrial hemp, including the Hemp Industries Association.  The more people band together and support its use, the greater the odds that hemp will become an even more important part of our countries’ valuable natural assets, as well as the entire worlds’.

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