Drug Enforcement Agency

The drug enforcement agency, also known as the drug enforcement administration, is a fairly new administration. It was developed with the purpose of enforcing the 1970 controlled substances act. It is a department of the United States government and has equal in power to the FBI where drug enforcement is concerned.

The President of the United States has the task of appointed the Administrator which leads the drug enforcement agency. This administrator must also be approved by the United States senate. The administrator is surrounded by a host of other senior staff. The agency contains over 11,000 employees and over 5,000 special agents.

The drug enforcement agency is head quartered in Arlington, Virginia. The academy for the drug enforcement agency is located in Quantico at a United States Marine Corp base. Applicants must go through a rigorous screening process that includes an investigation into any past drug use which may exclude them from being able to join the agency.

Today the drug enforcement agency is under the direction of Karen P. Tandy. In addition to the 237 domestic DEA offices there are also 79 foreign offices spread throughout 58 different countries. They have a variety of programs and taskforces aimed at prevention of drug abuse as well as drug enforcement.

In light of the many accomplishments of the drug enforcement agency it still undergoes a high level of criticism. Some individuals believe that they have a right to determine what substances they use or don’t use. Still others believe that the drug enforcement agency doesn’t do a good enough job when it comes to drug enforcement. They believe that they agency focuses their efforts on the drug situations that involve the most money.

Yet, most people agree that the war on drugs needs to continue. A large part of the army in this war is the drug enforcement agency. Yet, they also recognize that the community and parents play a large role in this war also. As such, they have made it a point to educate as well as enforce.

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