Hemp Shoes

One of the new crazes today is wearing eco-friendly clothing and footwear. While you might not understand the big hype about hemp shoes, there really are a variety of reasons that wearing these shoes can be a great idea, whether you are worried about the environment or not. The following are a few reasons that you may want to put aside your preconceived notions and give hemp shoes a try.

Attractive – First of all you may want to consider wearing hemp shoes because they look great and are very attractive. With shoes in a variety of sizes and styles, you are sure to find a shoe that looks great to you. While you may have an idea of hemp shoes looking dumpy and disgusting, they actually look very hip and chic.

Let Your Feet Breathe – Another reason that you might want to give hemp shoes a try is because of the natural material that they are made of. While many shoes that are made of man made materials may cause feet to be sweaty and smelly because they do not let air in, the hemp shoes allow air to flow through, keeping your feet feeling cool and fresh. This can prevent problems with embarrassing foot odor.

No More Irritation – Those who have sensitive skin may have difficulty wearing shoes that are made of synthetic materials, and often these materials may cause skin reactions that can be quite uncomfortable. If you wear hemp shoes, these shoes are made out of natural hemp fibers, and are highly unlikely to cause any skin irritation.

Hemp shoes are attractive, feet friendly, and sensitive skin friendly as well, and all the while you can be helping out the environment. If you are concerned about how shoe production can hurt the environment, you can start wearing hemp shoes and working to do your part in the world, while still sporting attractive shoes that feel wonderful.

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