Hemp Twine

Known to be one of the strongest types of fibers in the entire world, hemp twine has been used for years for a variety of different uses. These fibers have been used for generations since the hemp is so durable in the heat of the sun, resistant to mold, and even holding up in salt water. Since hemp twine is so durable and so strong, there are a variety of different ways that you can use hemp twine around your home or even for your business.

Making Jewelry – One use for hemp twine is for making beautiful and durable jewelry. Some jewelry that is made of hemp twine includes bracelets and necklaces, and they will last for a long time since the twine is so strong and durable. You can use the twine to make jewelry for yourself, or you may even want to make great gifts for friends that will last a lifetime.

Beading – Another use for hemp twine around your home is for the art of beading. If you enjoy beading and making a variety of different artistic beaded pieces, you want to choose twine that will hold up well and last a great amount of time. Hemp twine is the perfect choice for beading since it is so durable and is very strong as well.

Candle Making – Many people who enjoy making candles choose to use hemp twine for the wick of the candle. When you are making wicks for the candles you want a material that will not burn up to quickly and that will allow the candle to burn for some time. Hemp twine is the perfect type of material to use for candlewicks in your home.

There are a variety of other uses for hemp twine as well including making fishing nets, and stringing up plants in a garden that are falling down. If you need a durable piece of rope or twine in your home, then you should consider using the versatile hemp twine.

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