The HFA Pledge of Quality

We believe that in order to ensure the future of hempseed foods, legitimate members of the hempseed food industry must hold themselves to very high standards of quality and conduct. To that end, we agree to adhere to the following promises.

As HFA members, we intend to:
Use only food-grade hempseed for human foods.
Avoid hempseed known to contain or grown in areas known to have excessive concentrations of radioactive elements or heavy metals.
Follow currently-accepted Good Manufacturing Processes.
Strive to develop written plans for Good Manufacturing Processes, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.
Be licensed to produce human food by the appropriate government agencies.
Comply with applicable local, state, and federal laws as they relate to food processing, especially labeling.
Carry product liability insurance in an amount of not less than $1,000,000.
Have detectable tetrahydrocannabinol levels below 1 ppm in the finished product.
Routinely test finished products for microbiological profile and peroxide value.
Make results of laboratory analyses available upon reasonable request.
Prepare Material Data Safety Sheets for products, as necessary.
Disclose on package the percentage of hempseed content in finished product.
Ensure that all “organic” product claims are in accordance with applicable laws.
Disseminate no erroneous information on hemp or hempseed.
Refrain from portraying a hempseed food as capable of intoxication or  as being made from high-THC cannabis.
Advise the HFA of misinformation printed or distributed on hempseed foods.

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