A Maritime Industrial Hemp Product Marketing Study

Appendix A

Production and Trade Data

Figure A.1: World Production of Hemp Fibre and Tow, 1961-1997

Figure A.2: Major Hemp Fibre & Tow Producers, 1997

Figure A.3: World Production of Hempgrain, 1961-1997

Figure A.4: Major Hempgrain Producers, 1997

Note:Hemp production in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh is not included as they reportedly produce mostly manila and sunn hemp.
Source:United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, FAOSTAT Agricultural Data.

Exhibit 1 – Therapeutic Products Programme, Health Canada
        Report on Industrial Hemp Licences – June 1998 – July 1998
        (Download revrep.zip – 22K, WP52)

Exhibit 2 – US Imports and US Exports
        Source: Strategis Trade Data Online, Industry Canada

Exhibit 3 – Canadian Imports
        Source: Strategis Trade Data Online, Industry Canada

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