Detoxification Center

For those who have tried therapy alone or the cold turkey method and have found that they still go back to using drugs, it might be necessary to go to a detoxification center to fully end dependence on drugs. There are many reasons a person may want to go to a detoxification center rather than quitting on their own. Although there are support groups available, a person might have a physical or emotional dependency on the drug that is so severe that they should be confined, at least for a little while, so it will be impossible for them to have any access to the substance. Others may have severe addictions which will produce extreme withdrawal symptoms that need medical attention. Others prefer a detoxification treatment center so they leave their ordinary environment, rest and recover among those who understand their problems and are available for assistance 24 hours a day.

A detoxification center may or may not be covered by insurance depending on one’s policy and the drug addiction treatment center. Often a person’s stay can be covered for a certain amount of time and the rest of the treatment may have to be paid by the patient. This is not a reason to avoid going to a certain detoxification center, since there are many payment options that can be worked out, and it is unlikely that one is required to pay all at once.A detoxification center may be focused more on drug addiction treatment from a medical standpoint, while another detoxification center may be more interested in treating one’s addiction through therapy, support groups and behavior modification. Which type of drug treatment center one goes to depends on personality style and the type of addiction. However, those who feel ill when they try to go off of a drug should opt for a detoxification that has a medical component in case they may need treatment for extreme withdrawal symptoms.

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