How to Pay for Drug Rehab

For many individuals who need drug rehab, they have gotten to the point where their addiction has ruined everything good in their lives. Usually reaching rock bottom means that all of your loved ones have been pushed away, your job has gone down the toilet, and you broke. Without the support of your family and friends and with no money in your pocket, paying for drug rehab may not be easy, but it is attainable.

One option for those individuals who find they have nothing left to offer but their sincere desire to straighten themselves up is a faith based treatment. Many times these treatments centers offer their drug rehab regardless of whether the client can pay or not. They may be based on your income or they may be free of charge. The idea is that everyone in the community benefits from your sobriety.

Now, addicts who are covered by health insurance should know that many health insurance plans cover drug rehab. Also, the federal medical leave act allows you to take time off from work to pursue this drug rehab. Yet, it does not require your employer to pay you for the time.

Even though you may have hit rock bottom and it seems that the people who have supported you have all disappeared, there is no better way to bring them back than with the news that you are ready to go to drug rehab. In fact, they may decide to help you even if you haven’t had much contact lately.

However, don’t be offended if they take actions to ensure that the money is going to the drug rehab including paying the drug treatment center instead of handing over the money. Once you loose someone’s trust that trust has to be built back up again. Drug addiction does not only ruin your body and mind, but your relationships as well. While you are building your body and mind in drug rehab, you will also have to build up your relationships once you get out.

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