Hemp Seed Oil

The oil from hemp seeds are rich in all kinds of interesting and nutritive properties.  Many people claim that hemp seed oil is one of the healthiest natural oils on earth.  The oil itself is rich in all kinds of essential fatty acids.  Things like Omega 3 and Omega 6, as well as natural linoleic acid can be found in hemp seed oil.  Many people say that taking hemp seed oil capsules is a much better alternative than fish oil or other supplements like flaxseed oil.

Not only can the oil be used for nutritional purposes, but it can also be used to make cosmetic and toiletry items such as body lotions, shampoo, soaps, and lip balms.  In fact, items made from all natural hemp seed oil are big sellers, and many people prefer them to the bigger named items on the market today.

Hemp seed oil has serious moisturizing properties when it comes to the skin, which is why so many people love products made with it.  Dry skin affects millions of people, and to find something that can not only soothe existing problems but can possibly help prevent more problems in the future is a thing to behold. Even suntan lotion and body butters can be made from the oil.  At one time, however, the US Federal government had tried to ban the sale of hemp seed oil and anything that contained it.  Studies have shown that hemp, and particularly its seeds have no adverse affects on people like cannabis does, therefore it should be completely legal.  Eventually over the last few years, the government has slowly backed down and merchants are stocking their shelves with all natural hemp products again.  This is good news for people who love all of the wonderful benefits that hemp seed oil provides.

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