Hemp Lotion

The oil from the hemp seed has some really amazing properties.  Hemp lotion is a popular way to get the benefits from this oil for your skin.  Hemp seed oil has a huge amount of highly concentrated emollients such as both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.  These acids are essential to the human body and are not made naturally, so finding them in a product is a wondrous thing.  For anyone who has ever suffered from overly dry and itchy skin, they know that a lot of lotions out there just don’t seem to ease the problem.

Hemp lotion works in two ways to give you supple, smooth, moisturized, and soothed skin.  First, because of its high concentration of natural oils and moisturizers, it sinks into the skin immediately so that healing can take place.  Secondly, after a period of continued use, it can actually help to prevent dry skin problems from happening again and again.Hemp lotion comes in a variety of wonderful scents like lavender, kiwi, rose, berry, and natural unscented, just to name a few.  Another benefit of buying hemp lotion is that it is all natural with no chemicals included in the ingredients.  It should never be tested on animals and therefore it is 100% cruelty free.  Hemp lotion is made up of hemp seed oil, organic aloe vera, soy proteins, and a variety of natural scents.  It is safe for the earth, safe for the body, and smells wonderful.  Try using hemp lotion and compare it to the drugstore bought lotions of the past.  You will see amazing results and experience a whole new way to moisturize your skin.  In a few weeks any problems you may have had with dry skin should disappear completely, and you will feel better.  Your skin will thank you, too.

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