Hemp Jewelry

Hemp has been a widely used fashion item for a long time, and hemp jewelry is at the forefront of the entire movement.  Hemp jewelry consists of everything from necklaces and chokers to bracelets and anklets.  There are even artisans out there who make hemp earrings!  Because hemp is so strong and durable, the jewelry made from it will last for many years.

It is almost impossible to rip, snap, or tear, so you can expect ruggedness and stylishness at the same time.  Almost all hemp jewelry is made by hand instead of at a factory, so each piece has its own distinct personality.  In fact most places will make your hemp jewelry custom to the way you want it.  You can add your own personal touches such as bead color choices or charms to make your own statement.You will often see hemp jewelry sold at places like outdoor festivals, flea markets, music concerts, or even small boutique stores.  It is also sold online at a large number of websites.  Some websites have made up a lot of pieces of hemp jewelry to choose from, while others only make custom orders.  When deciding on a piece, think about how thick you will want your weave work to be.  Most hemp necklaces are made fairly thick, but they can either be woven flat or cylindrical, depending on how your want it to look.  Anklets and bracelets are popular items, too.  Hemp wallets and belts are also really cool choices, especially for the men who may not necessarily want to wear a necklace.  You can also make your own hemp jewelry.  The jewelry is made from hemp rope or twine, and then is just a series of woven knots.  Do a little peeking around and find out how to make your very own hemp jewelry and you’ll have a great time creating and wearing a personal piece of artwork. 

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