Drug Side Effects

Many of the drugs that make us better in one area can have a negative effect in other areas. These negative effects are called drug side effects. Many of us think that these side effects are just a price we pay for healing. In a sense that is true, but the side effects do not have be so sever in some cases.

Most drug side effects can be decreased by simply paying attention the manufacturer’s directions in addition to your doctor’s. This includes taking the right dosage. Taking too much of a drug can definitely increase the drug side effects. However, what most people do not realize is that, though the side effects may increase, the drugs effectiveness probably will not. Actually drugs go through a rigorous process by where they are tested for their effectiveness and safety. By the end of the process the drug companies have an accurate feel for what is the best dosage for the purpose of the drug.

In addition to dosage amounts, drug interactions can also increase or create drug side effects. In fact, drug interactions even have the ability to be very harmful. This can also be prevented by paying attention to the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings. For example, alcohol has an increased sedative effect on many drugs. This effect can be so extensive that it can even cause death.

Following dosage amounts and paying attention to drug interactions can be done by reading all of the instructions for a medication. Yet, many people neglect some of the more common instructions such as taking with food, or increasing fluid intake. Ignoring these instructions whether recited by the doctor or displayed by the drug manufacturer can cause an increase in drug side effects.

Though many of the side effects can be decreased by simply following instructions, awareness has a large effect as well. Knowing what kind of side effects to expect can often serve to decrease your overall anxiety. On the other hand being afraid or ignorant of what is going on with your body can increase your anxiety and the may make side effects seem more ominous.

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