Urine Drug Test

A urine drug test is perhaps the most common of all such tests. A urine drug test is the least expensive of all. A simple urine test can cost anywhere between $7 to $50 for the home version. But it is considered an intrusive method of testing and is dependent upon temperature at times. Variations in temperature can contaminate the sample. Results of urine drug tests are accurate and reliable. There is no need for a lab or a technician and a urine drug test can be done at home. But often there is a three day window of detection.

Trained professionals should ideally conduct the tests since this can help get accurate results without contamination. Also known as urinalysis, the method used in this procedure can differ depending upon the requirements behind the test. A urine drug test is not very accurate at pinpointing the exact time at which the drugs were ingested. The results can depend upon the individuals and the conditions at the time the tests are conducted. Once the sample is given, it can either be tested immediately with a test card or be sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Most federally regulated workplace drug testing programs require urine tests to be conducted. Many private sector programs which use federal standards also follow the same procedure. The pH level of the urine sample can have an effect on the drug detection periods. There are different types of urine drug tests available depending upon the type of detection required. Many people attempt to defeat a drug test by drinking a lot of water. But this can lead to a diluted sample which is clear in color. In such an instance, the sample is flagged and is subjected to what is known as the specific gravity test. If the sample fails to clear this test, it is rejected and the dilution is reported to the person or organization that ordered it.

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