Say No to Drugs

It is probably one of the easiest words in the English language. However, there are times when people have trouble saying “no.” There are many reasons behind our hesitation, but not saying no is just like saying yes. Sometimes that can be dangerous.

One of the biggest reasons it is hard to say no to drugs is because we don’t want to look stupid. In other words, we succumb to peer pressure. You might be surprised to hear that even adults suffer this malady.

Well, way to say no to drugs is to remember that no person worthy enough to be friends with you is going to base their decision to be your friend on whether or not you will take drugs. In fact, even many drug addicts will not base their friendship on whether or not you do drugs.

However, the time may come when someone is extra pushy when it comes to offering drugs. Usually there is one of three reasons. First, they may have some financial gain tied to your answer. Secondly, many drug addicts feel jealous or threatened by those who don’t use drugs and want to level the playing field. However, some individuals just like to be mean and make people feel uncomfortable.

The best piece of advice in the above situation is to remain firm but calm. Don’t let them see that you are uncomfortable because then they will push even more because they know you are going to crack. If you say no to drugs and they don’t accept that answer I like to use the following phrase. “I feel like I’m in a bad after school special.”

This is my sorry attempt at humor but it worked for me once. It lightened the mood and showed my confidence without being threatening or making them feel drugs were beneath me. Even though drugs are beneath all of us, drug users usually take it as a personal attack. Like by your “say no to drugs” attitude you are saying that you are better than them.

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