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Hemp is an absolutely important environmentally healthy plant.  In fact, it causes much less harm to the earth than growing and harvesting cotton.  There is a great deal of hemp products available for people to buy and use.  The growth of hemp in the United States has slowed significantly over the last few decades, but it remains a huge import and export in a number of other countries.

The list of hemp products continues to grow as people find new ways to use the fibrous plant.  Hemp is a tough material, and is very versatile.  Some popular examples of hemp products include clothing, belts, wallets, and other accessories, rope, twine, and body care products.  The use of hemp in every day items is a wonderful way to show support for a worthy cause.  Taking care of our earth is a value we need to practice and share with our children for future generations.  Buying hemp products is a great way to show support for this value.

Not only is hemp a durable product, but it is long lasting.  Clothing and bags made from hemp should last years longer than traditional items of the same nature.  Cloth made from hemp is extraordinarily strong, and does not tear or rip as easily as things like nylon, rayon, or cotton.  Hemp is also weather resistant and will not get ruined by water.  It can be dyed a number of different colors, and usually this process is done by using all natural vegetable dyes.  Hemp products are somewhat more expensive than most and this is because the majority of the products are not made in America, since the US government has made it increasingly hard for farmers to grow and harvest hemp.  If more people purchase hemp products, we can show the government that we truly do value its important and significance in the American marketplace and its value will endure.

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