Hemp Necklaces

Hemp necklaces are a popular fashion fad that people like to wear to show their support for the growth and cultivation of hemp for every day use.  You can buy hemp necklaces at a variety of different places including the World Wide Web.  Perhaps the most fun about them, however, is that you can make your very own instead.

The first thing you will need to do is make sure you have the right materials and tools.  Essentially, all you will need is a ball or two of hemp twine (you choose the thickness), clasps for closing each end of the necklace, beads for embellishments, and some scissors.  There are two basic knots when making hemp necklaces, each is fairly easy to do.  Think about how you want the necklace to look: do you want it to look flat, or do you want it to be more round and slightly thicker?  This will determine which knot you do.  Check out some different methods of knot tying and do a few practice runs first.Hemp necklaces are naturally beautiful, but adding in some beads makes them look even lovelier.  Choose from a variety of wooden, glass, or plastic beads and pick out some colors and styles you like.  You can easily interweave them into the necklace, and can even add them in a pattern that you like.  Beads really give hemp necklaces a beautiful splash of color, and brighten them up a lot.  Once you’re finished making your necklace, you can close it one of two ways.  The first is to make sure the necklace is long enough when you began making it so that you can simply tie the two ends together.  This method is easy but beware as the knots at the ends can come untied if not done correctly.  The other method is to use a jewelry clasp which can be found at just about any arts and crafts store.  Add the clasp to the ends of the necklace and it will close and open easily so you can take the necklace on and off.  Hemp necklaces are cool and really fun to make.

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