Hemp Clothing

While hemp is illegal to grow in the United States, it is legal for it to be imported into the United States.  It is used to make many products, including rope, jewelry, and one of the more popular things, hemp clothing.

Hemp is comfortable and it becomes softer the more times it is washed, yet it is also very durable.  Because of this, it has become a very popular fabric in which to work with.  Hemp clothing can be found in many specialty shops, as well as online.  They come in a wide variety of pieces, from shirts to pants and from dresses to skirts. 

Clothing manufacturer’s have recently taken advantage of this wonderful fabric and have begun to expand their product lines they make with hemp.  As it is soft, many have found that it makes a great fabric for ladies lingerie and underwear.  Because it is also very absorbent, you’ll find many companies are just starting their own baby hemp clothing lines and they may have available hemp cloth diapers.  The fact is, hemp fabric is the perfect fabric in which to swaddle your baby, due to its comfort and durability.

Many companies have combined hemp with other fabric materials such as organic cotton to find the best fabric combination for certain products.  For example, one company has designed unisex hemp yoga pants made from 70% hemp and 30 % cotton.  This allows the pant to be comfortable, durable, and long-lasting.  Because hemp fabric can be dyed, you’ll find your hemp clothing to be in many colors, beyond the natural beige.

When it comes to your clothing, you want to wear something that is in style, yet comfortable and durable.  By purchasing hemp clothing, you’ll find it will be all your criteria and your hemp clothing will end up being your favorite things to wear.

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