Drug Test 2

A drug test can often be defined as the one test you don’t have to study for in order to get a job. This is very true if you are not a drug user and have no history of substance abuse. Otherwise you may need to take a few precautions if you wish to secure that particular job. A drug test can be conducted on you using one of a variety of samples. It could be urine, hair, saliva or sweat. In order to reduce the chances of hiring a drug user some employers make it mandatory for all prospective employees to take the drug test.

A drug test is usually accurate if it is done in accordance with the guidelines set by the U S Department of Health and Human Services. Some of the requirements as per this are a specific chain of custody to document handling and storing of the specimen or sample; an initial screen and a follow-up if the first drug test shows up positive; another test confirming that it is not a case of false positives and a review by a medical officer to ensure that there are no other reasons for a positive test.

If the drug test gives out a positive result but you are not a drug user and are confident that you have not taken any drugs recently, then you could discuss this with the medical review officer. The results of a drug test are kept confidential and are made known to only those who are required to have any knowledge whatsoever about this. This might be the supervisor, manager or someone in the medical department. You may also be asked to sign a release authorizing who may see the results of your drug test. Make sure you know what the release form states before you sign. In case of a doubt get your lawyer to review it for you.

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