Drug Rehabilitation

Many people believe that crime should be followed with punishment. However, the debate for drug rehabilitation is still going strong. There are many individuals who believe that helping drug addicts attain sobriety benefits the whole community. Many courts agree and handing out drug rehabilitation instead of locking them up.

One item that should be considered is the amount of drug offenders currently residing in our prison system. The numbers are outstanding and can contribute to prison overcrowding. Since, in many cases, the only victim of drug abuse is the user himself, it may be best to consider drug rehabilitation rather than straining the system.

Another reason drug rehabilitation is being put into action is because of the effect of prison on drug offenders especially first-time offenders. The fact is many individuals enter the prison system as drug offenders and by the time they are released they are cold hard criminals. Prison just teaches them how to carry out worse crimes and may give them more criminal connections to help feed their addictions.

Drug rehabilitation also offers a future that prison does not. Not only does it offer drug addicts a brighter future but the society has more hope as well. Prison alone does not equip drug offenders with the information and life skills to change their directions. After their release they will be no better off than before and because of their prison time they will have an even harder time getting back on track.

With drug offenders successfully overcoming drug addiction they may be equipped with desire and skills to remain clean. Without the drug rehabilitation they are only faced with the fear of returning to prison. Time has shown us that this fear is not enough to keep people out of trouble.

In some cases prison may be a better situation than the ones these addicts are living in. Yet, drug rehabilitation can teach them how to deal with these situations, and if there is a way, they will show them how to change their situations.

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