Suboxone Treatment Centers

For those who may have tried other means of getting off of opiates, Suboxone treatment centers provide an answer for those who are worried about extreme withdrawal symptoms or going back on the drug. Opiates are highly addictive and often people cannot rid themselves of the substances without falling ill or having an irresistible desire to use the drugs again. Suboxone is meant to mimic the effects of opiates in the body and to produce similar effects to make opiate detox easier on the body. Suboxone treatment centers provide a gateway leading from addiction to recovery by providing the body with assistance in fighting the drug.

It is very uncommon for those who try to go off of opiates “cold turkey” to succeed, since withdrawal symptoms are so intense and involve psychological as well as physical suffering if left untreated. Suboxone treatment centers prescribe Suboxone to patients until they can manage on their own without opiate replacement.

The dosage of Suboxone and the length of time givens varies among Suboxone treatment centers and depends on how intense a person’s addiction is. A doctor evaluates individual patients to determine dosage and then gives the patient the drug in accordance with their needs. The patient is then weaned off of Suboxone and is able to manage without any opiate or replacement.

The advantage of Suboxone treatment centers is that they deal with addiction as a medical issue and in a controlled environment where it is impossible that the former user can get a hold of opiates. The patient is able to gradually go off of the drug without actually taking it, but a replacement which is safer and less addictive. Suboxone treatment centers also employ behavior modification to deal with the causes of addiction and provide counseling and emotional support that is needed to enable the former user to stay off of opiates.

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