Hair Drug Test

There are different kinds of drug tests available these days. The hair drug test is one of these. A hair drug test is a very non-intrusive kind of drug testing. It also helps detect substance use over a longer period than other types of drug tests. A hair drug test can show drug use dating back to at least six months. The longer the hair, the further back substance abuse can be detected. The hair drug test cannot be done with a single hair. The results have also been found to be more accurate than a urine test. But their major disadvantage is they are much more expensive than urine tests.

A hair drug test is also believed to be able to help distinguish between the uses of different substances. Some of the drugs that can be detected with this test include cannabis, ecstasy, cocaine and opiates. Adulteration is very difficult in this particular test. A hair drug test has to be conducted in a laboratory with all the necessary equipment in place. This type of test is best when drug abuse is suspected and it is necessary to determine the period off use. There are many privacy issues that clash when dealing with a hair drug test.

Sometimes hair drug tests can be misleading. Certain expensive drugs used in the treatment of disease such as AIDS and heart disease also show up in a hair test. This can lead to a conflict of interest for certain unscrupulous employers may be tempted to hold this against their prospective employees. But owing to the expensive nature of the test there are not many organizations that can afford to get all their employees subjected to this test. It is not necessary that the hair on your head serve as the only sample for these tests. All body hair can be used as sample for a hair drug test.

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