Kentucky Hemp Banquet Announced by the Kentucky Hemp Growers Cooperative Association

The Kentucky Hemp Growers Cooperative Assoc. (“Cooperative”) announced today that on Tuesday, December 15th, it will hold the Kentucky Hemp Banquet at the Lexington Brewing Company. The dinner will be from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. The Lexington Brewing Company is located at 401 Cross Street (Versailles Road at the junction of High and Maxwell Street).

The dinner’s menu will feature a number of foods, wine and beer that are either made or cooked with hempseed and oil. Chef Rick Paul of the White Light Diner, Frankfort Kentucky, will prepare among other items his famed hemp steaks and hemp bourbon pie. Chef Paul is the former Chef to Governor Paul Patton and Dr. Steve Henry and is well known for his television cooking program.

Participants in the dinner, including local media and civic personalities, have agreed to be tested for drug usage after the dinner. Andy Graves, President of the Cooperative, said that “we hope that this event will finally put to rest the inaccurate and totally false stories circulating that the consumption of hemp foods and beer will result in positive drug tests.”

The Kentucky Hemp Beer Company, a subsidiary of the Lexington Brewing Company, will also serve its Kentucky Hemp Beer, a locally produced beer brewed with hempseed, Mike Hart, Company President, indicating that “hemp beers, including our product. have indicated a negative, absolutely negative, result for THC.”

Last summer the Cooperative released an economic impact report, prepared by the University of Kentucky, indicating that industrial hemp would produce the highest income per acre to Kentucky farmers of all crops proposed to replace the embattled tobacco industry. Hemp has over 25,000 known products that can be made from it; ranging from foods, clothing, paper products to industrial oils and lubricants.

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