Urine Drug Test 2

A urine drug test is used to test for the presence of five major controlled substances – cocaine, opiates, marijuana, PCP, and amphetamines. A urine drug test can show a history of between one to four days. This is highly reliable for the “under the influence” cases. Another advantage of a urine test is that the results are available almost immediately. If dipstick devices are available then the result can be obtained in a matter of minutes. But in cases where the results may be part of a legal case or proceedings in court, the sample may have to be sent to a laboratory.

Urine samples require to be handled with more care when in transit or storage. Giving a urine sample also involves privacy issues. Many people try to cheat on a urine drug test by adulteration or other methods. Some attempt to dilute the urine by drinking lots of water prior to the test. But keep in mind that in such instances the results of a urine drug test may be rejected or you may be required to take another similar test. This can also result in you not being considered for employment or cast doubt on your integrity.

A urine drug test is the cheapest of all and involves you going to a restroom designated for the purpose and filling a cup with your urine. If the sample is sent away to a laboratory it will most probably be tested with a sophisticated gas analyzer. If you are a chronic drug user, it is possible the urine sample will reveal the presence of drugs even 30 days after your last dose. Metabolism, frequency of use, potency of the drug in question, and hydration of the individual all play a role in the results. So, just because you have controlled yourself for a few days does not guarantee that you will clear the test.

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