Urine Drug Screening

Urine drug screening is one issue which has come under scrutiny regarding privacy issue involved when being subjected to this test. At times a urine sample has to be given in the presence of a qualified test administrator to ensure there is no contamination or tampering of the sample. This is where all the privacy issues crop up. But there is no doubt that urine drug screening is considered the most accurate and inexpensive of all the various other tests available for the purpose. Certain urine drug screenings can also detect any contamination of the sample or an effort to cheat.

Often a single urine drug screening can scan for at least 11 different drugs at a given time. Guidelines are available in the Urine Specimen Collection Handbook which provides additional guidance to supplement the Mandatory Guidelines. Before administering a urine drug screening it is essential that the person taking the test is made aware of the procedure. It is also essential to be aware of the individual’s medical history and other information as required by law because certain medications can interfere with the test. An accurate urine drug screening can be used to make a variety of deductions. These include helping establish functional stability and identifying period of drug use.

Many urine drug screenings also reveal recreational drug use. This is one of the issues in the debate against such drug screenings. Many feel that conducted a urine drug screening can interfere with the individual’s right to use recreational drugs in their spare time. Make sure the individual being subjected to the screening does not have access to anything that could be used to adulterate the sample. Request the person to empty out his or her pockets and to leave other personal belongings in a locker or a safe place. This way you can minimize the chances of someone cheating on the test or adulterating the sample.

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