Kentucky Hemp Banquet Drug Test Results

Tuesday, January 5, 1999

On December 15, the Kentucky Hemp Growers Cooperative Association in conjunction with the Lexington Brewing Company, the makers of Kentucky Hemp Beer, and Rick Paul’s White Light Diner, conducted a test for taste and the drug, THC. Several prominent Kentuckians including: Hoppi Henton, Kentucky Director of the US Department of Agriculture; Andy Graves, former president of the Fayette County Farm Bureau; Dr. Donald Case, professor of library sciences at the University of Kentucky; Ivy Henton, owner of the retail shop, Hemp Universe; Dr. Lee Shine, internal medicine specialist; and Todd Dykes, field reporter for WKYT, Channel 27, all tested negative in a drug analysis after consuming hemp foods.

This result contradicts statements made by drug testing laboratory officials that perform drug tests for city, state, federal, and private employers. The menu consisted of: Mexican Cheesecake prepared with Hemp Rella Cheese and served with Hemp Tortilla Chips; mixed green salad with Hemp Basil Oil Vinaigrette; Hemp-Fed Organic New York Strip Steaks; Sauteed Vegetables with Hemp Nut; finished with Rick Paul’s World Famous Kentucky Bourbon Pie, all washed down with a Kentucky Hemp Beer.

Contrary to the results, all subjects gave a definite positive for taste!

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