Detox Resource Guide

Many people who are addicted to drugs feel that they have nowhere to turn. They may have been wanting to get off of these substances for a long time but have been afraid of withdrawal symptoms or felt that they lacked the support system to stay off drugs. It is useful to give drug users a detox resource guide which will list hotlines, support groups and treatment centers the drug user can contact when he or she feels she is ready. Sometimes just giving the drug resource is more effective than other tactics to help a person stop using drugs. Often when a user is confronted by friends or family, he or she might feel defensive and rebel. Family members may be frustrated that the person might be pushed farther and farther away. Therefore, a detox resource guide will help empower a person to make his or her treatment decisions rather than put him or her on the defensive.

A drug detox resource usually lists many different kinds of programs which appeal to various types of addicts. Many users seek help through Twelve Step programs whereas others require 24 hour medical attention. Some users prefer alternative remedies such as acupuncture and homeopathy. A drug resource will guide the user through various types of programs that may appeal to him or her. And if one treatment does not work, a drug resource can provide alternatives which may be successful.

A detox resource can also be found online and give links and telephone numbers of drug centers and programs. All information you give should be confidential. There are also hotlines listed which are staffed by those who are knowledgeable in how to talk to users who are experiencing a crisis or who just want to share their feelings.A detox resource is meant to be shared among those who need it, so it is essential for users to give this information to anyone else who might need it. Many people get the drug rehabilitation treatments needed because a caring person gave them a detox resource guide.

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